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Course Programmes


At Ecole des Malletiers (EdM) of Belgium there are six training and education curricular tracks ("paths"), with courses and workshops taught in French, in English, or in both languages (bilingual terminology mode). 


Path #1 (P1) The Restoration of Antique Trunks and related Travel Equipment. The programme leads towards a Certificate of Fundamental Techniques (CFT, min. 100 course hours), a Certificate of Furthered Studies (CFS, min. 250 c-hrs), or a Diploma of Professional Mastery (DPM, min. 500 c-hrs, including a Masterwork). The P1 path truly is a world premier in the field, by EdM. 


Path #2 (P2) The Design and Manufacture of New Trunks.

The Diploma can be earned after at least 500 hours, or less if completed through the bridging process option of P1 ("new-after-antique"). The P2 is also a world edcational premier of EdM. 


Path #3 (P3) The Special Programmes, for example leather-goods restoration leading towards a Certificate in a specialty field (100 hours). P3 programs are tailor-made, and address specific training needs of artisans, restoration professionals, and archives' staff of/for museums, heritage brands,...


Path #4 (P4) The Occasional Ateliers are short-duration or demonstration workshops offered only by Ecole des Malletiers on particular occasions and locations, in Belgium, France, or other Western European countries. 


Path #5 (P5) The Certification by Ecole des Malletiers. Qualifying professionals who are already active in the P1 area, or in a P3 specialty field, can become certified by EdM. There is a jury-reviewed Masterpiece requirement. The P5 track process applies only to Europe and the USA. Other countries/regions of the world as of 2019-2020, unless the candidate travels to and completes the Masterpiece on the occasion of a special residence at at the EdM Campus. The P3 is the world's very first certification in the field, another premier by EdM. 


Path #6 (P6) The Traineeship at Ecole des Malletiers of Belgium is currently offered to no more than one person per year, and with a one-year residence if one is not already living near the Manhay - Durbuy ateliers' area or the provinces of Liège, Namur, or Luxembourg at large. 


Attendance modes


Depending on the number of students/participants most courses are offered on a part-time basis, private courses, and/or seminar mode. Please contact us for further information, course details, fees, place availability, grants, and other practical matters related to the Belgium and France schools. 


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