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    Nicolas Gilbert school in Belgium


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"If it isn't born of Experience, the mother of all Knowledge, all science is vain and full of errors" -- Leonardo Da Vinci.


Experience development at the forefront of our educational approach. At the Ecole des Malletiers Nicolas Gilbert of Belgium, and Jean Paré of France, students attend practice-based courses in the malletier artisan trunk-making craftsmanship. Most learning objectives are achieved by means of hands-on workshops. 


Historical heritage matters. We value that requirement in an all-encompassing manner, while integrating the present-day concept of sustainability. For example, in the preservation or restoration of an antique travel trunk there is no need for 'loads' of energy, raw materials, or chemicals that otherwise deplete or pollute our planet or generate excessive waste, CO2, or other pollutants.


In the malletier profession a very long time had lapsed since the last specialist training school closed its doors in Europe. Fortunately, in 2018, while relying on his unique educational entrepreneurship skills, a Belgian master-malletier initiated the Ecole des Malletiers projects in Belgium and later on in France. A form of evolution, revolution, and renaissance combined, summarised by the school's "Heritage x [R]evolution" slogan, and deeply anchored in the notion of Respect for historical, intangible, and living heritage... > more


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